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Your organization has many financing options for nonqualified deferred compensation plans, (NQDC), but does it have the guidance it needs to select the optimal plan? Is your company doing enough to attract, retain, and reward the executive talent essential to your organization's competitive positioning? Fulcrum Partners Atlanta brings you sophisticated solutions for expanding benefit and equity offerings to executives. 


Executive Benefits and Deferred Compensation Team

Managing Director Steve Broadbent’s skill in analyzing and collaborating on the design, funding, and security of nonqualified benefit programs for publicly traded or large, privately held corporations is always in high demand. At Fulcrum Partners, he works attentively with each client, carefully designing effective benefits programs to enable organizations to attract and retain key executive talent while building shareholder value.

Steven Broadbent

Senior Vice President - Retirement

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Steve Broadbent

Steve Broadbent has 20+ years of targeted financial industry experience, including 11 years as an Executive Benefits Consultant for Clark Consulting, and 6 years with AT&T, of which six were spent as Sales Vice President in Los Angeles. After 22 years of U.S. Navy service, he retired with the rank of commander. At…

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Tax Deferral Opportunities

Advantages to Pre-Tax Deferral of Income in An Uncertain Tax Environment: Updates

Employees who once routinely deferred compensation may be rethinking that habit as they consider updates to their financial plans. One of the concerns is if it might be better to take income today because of uncertainty about tax increases in the future.

A study by Steve Broadbent and Chris Nyland of Fulcrum Partners, suggests that in all but a few scenarios, pre-tax deferral is still an effective strategy. This article explains how you should consider recent and future tax rate changes when analyzing whether to participate in your company’s  nonqualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plan.

Advantages to Pre-Tax Deferral of Income in An Uncertain Tax Environment


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Originally founded in 2007 by financial industry executives who average more than 35 years in executive compensation and benefits consulting, Fulcrum Partners is one of the largest and leading executive benefits advisories in the US.

Fulcrum Partners leverages its strength and intellectual capital to best serve its clients. The team at Fulcrum Partners serves medium to large, publicly- and privately-held companies, many of which have been clients of our managing directors for decades.